Opinion article about Discrimination of Scientologists by Munich authorities.

By Georges Elia Sarfati
University professor in France and Israel, linguist, philosopher, psychoanalyst. He is the director of the French School of Analysis and Existential Therapy, co-founder of the Network for the Study of Institutional and Political Discourses. He holds a doctorate in Hebrew and Jewish studies at the University of Strasbourg and is the founder of the Popular University of Jerusalem.

ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN SPECIALIZED NEWSPAPER NEWEUROPE.EU Is Germany, in 2019, really the democratic state we believe it to be? Are freedom of conscience and expression respected by the authorities as most Europeans think? There is every reason to believe that this is not the case when we consider the poor faith trials, as well as the discrimination suffered by the followers or sympathisers of the Church of Scientology whose inspiration and value system have their source in the thought and work of the writer L. Ron Hubbard.  … READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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