Spain Director of Religious Freedom praises the awards granted by the Foundation of the Church of Scientology

UN ECOSOC recgonized Mejora Foundation awards three prestigious teachers in the 7th Edition of the Religious Freedom Award.

MADRID, The Church of Scientology Foundation for the Improvement of Life, Culture and Society, in consultative status with the United Nations since 2019, presented the Religious Freedom Awards, in the form of a Tizona sword, to Prof. Dr. Alejandro Torres Gutiérrez, Prof. Dr. Rafael Valencia Candalija and Prof. Dr. Catalina Pons-Estel Tugores, in an online ceremony attended by Prof. Dr. Mercedes Murillo, Director of Religious Freedom of the Spain’s Ministry of Presidency (Prime Minister’s Office).

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ONLINE published (Spanish):

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NewEurope  (online y papel) [el de papel llega a los descpachos de la Comision Europea y el Parlamento Europeo)

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Here is more about our general Human Rights campaign.

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ScientologyEU Newsroom

ScientologyEU Newsroom

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