Religious Affairs

From its early years the Church of Scientology has been aware and has recognized that religious freedom and freedom of conscience is a fundamental human right. In a worldwide society where conflicts are very often traceable to acts of intolerance against others’ religious beliefs and practices, our Church has, for at least more than fifty years, been enlightening and fighting for the preservation and furtherance of religious liberty for all.

A key ingredient to the preservation of this fundamental human right is a real and broad understanding of the right to freedom of religion or belief and its very meaning under universal human rights principles and international human rights law.

In this regard, the Church of Scientology has designed a new booklet, What is Freedom of Religion?, in order to inform the public about the very detailed and complex nature of that specific right, the one to freedom of religion for believers and religious organizations of every faith on Earth.

From persecution of religious minorities to issues revolving around religious worship, beliefs, rites, expression, association, dress, symbols, education, registration and workplace discrimination, religious freedom issues have achieved a prominent place in global headlines. Yet many do not understand what rights fall within the scope of freedom of religion or belief or what the term really means.

Scientology and the Expert Scholars

Law Faculty, University of Extremadura, Spain

Our religion has been since long subject to very high level scrutiny from those who study the origins and developments of religious movements and their impact in society, and it is in this the reason for there are staff in very country who is available to provide with answers to any questions the scholars or university students may have and even to provide them with the exact doctrinal texts where the answers can be found.


It has also been a common practice for our Church representatives to attend calls to conferences and lectures in schools, high schools and universities, as well as in congresses to educate on the tenets of the Scientology religion as well as in depth explanations of the chronology of the establishment of Scientology as a worldwide religion that continues to grow in numbers and in recognition of its bonafide religiosity and humanitarian programs.

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