Scientology representative demands action from OSCE – ODIHR in Warsaw about Russian religious repression

Ivan Arjona at OSCE HDIM 2017

Warsaw, Poland • 15th September 2017 – Oral presentation at the OSCE – ODIHR Meeting of 2017, Working session 9—discussions concerning tolerance and nondiscrimination. From the Church of Scientology Human Rights and Public Affairs Office, Mr. Ivan Arjona presented an oral statement on the urgent need to take action on the Russian Federation for its violation of international human rights covenants and its refusal to abide by decisions of the EU Court of Human Rights.

I call upon OSCE and participant states to facilitate dialogue between the Church of Scientology and the Russian Federation to end the religious freedom crisis and avoid further discrimination against children in the educational system. READ FULL ORAL STATEMENT HERE

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