NEWEUROPE.EU: Scientologists mark third anniversary of Belgian court win

Scientologists mark third anniversary of Belgian court win

On March 11, 2016, the criminal court of Brussels threw out a case that involved a dozen Scientologists, the Belgian Church, itself, and the European office of the Church of Scientology International that could have seen Church of Scientology banned as a “criminal enterprise” after a judge said the defendants were targeted because of their religion.At the time, the judge criticised the investigators who were involved in an 18-year inquiry into Scientology in Belgium, saying the law enforcement officials and Belgian intelligence officers that carried out the investigation acted out of prejudice and the case brought against the Scientologists was based on vague accusations that were obviously based on targeting the religion.

“The prosecutor constructed his charges based on his own interpretation of Scientology scriptures, contravening just about every internationally recognised human rights standard that protects the right to religious freedom”. READ FULL ARTICLE CLICKING HERE




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