FDFE requests OSCE member States to implement drug prevention education

Vienna, AUSTRIA. July 10-11 2017, OSCE* Conference Nexus Between Illicit Drugs, #organised crime and Terrorism executives and staff of ministries of interiors and police. The 57 members gathered to discuss how to break the connection between drugs organised crime and terrorism.

54 States Delegations, Partners for Co-operation, and 28 International Organisations, Academic and Business Circles and Non-Governmental Organisations were participating in the three sessions together with Members of the OSCE Secretariat and OSCE Institutions, with the following themes:

  1. Links Between Illicit Drug Trafficking, Organised Crime and Terrorism.
  2. Illicit Drugs as a Source of Financing Illicit Activities.
  3. Cross-Cutting Issues.

Demanding preventive actions

PhD Christian Mirre, Representative of the Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe, convened at the OSCE-wide Conference on Combating the Threats of Illicit Drugs and the Diversion of Chemical Precursors held in the “Neuer Saal” of Hofburg, former Imperial palace in Vienna (Austria). READ MORE.

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