Opinion article about Discrimination of Scientologists by Munich authorities. Written by Prof. Georges Elia Sarfati 🗺

By Georges Elia Sarfati University professor in France and Israel, linguist, philosopher, psychoanalyst. He is the director of the French School of Analysis and Existential Therapy, co-founder of the Network for the Study of Institutional and Political Discourses. He holds a doctorate in Hebrew and Jewish studies at the University of Strasbourg and is the[…]

Jan Figel on FoRB: “The aim has to be to raise awareness of what is going on in Europe itself” 🗺

Published 21:47 April 2, 2019 – Updated 09:47 April 5, 2019 EU’s religious freedom envoy wants Europe to do more to protect minorities By Martin Banks Journalist, New Europe (https://www.neweurope.eu/article/eus-religious-freedom-envoy-wants-europe-to-do-more-to-protect-minorities/  ) The EU’s special envoy for religious freedom, Jan Figel, believes that Europe needs to “face up” to the numerous cases of discrimination that occur against[…]